One December Morning…

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…or was it night?

I’m not really sure at what time of the day I was born. But, I’d like to think I was born in the evening or night. I mean who wouldn’t want to be born at a time when the stars blanket the world in a never ending symphony of twinkling wishes.

(Okay, update: I just asked my mom now and apparently I was born at  two am. (Cue excited cheering from me and the “Are you alright ?”look from my brother). It is way cooler than being born at  nine pm or something. When the world was quiet and everyone was asleep, a beautiful baby girl was born. I imagine a  chorus rising as I was ushered into the world akin to Simba in the Lion King movie . )

But I digress.

I intend to, with this post, give you some basic facts about me and the personality that I am. Here goes:

  1. I’m a nineteen year old Nigerian girl and I live in the northern part of Nigeria. No,not Abuja. Move upwards a little. Again, not kaduna, either. Yes! there you go. Kano. ( and no, it’s not that bad)
  2. I have two best friends. One’s a girl named Reese and the other is my youngest brother David. Seeing as we hardly get around or anything, we have found mutual companionship  in watching YouTube videos and hot vocal videos on Instagram. We are more or less birds of a feather. I think, if I do say so myself,  he’s my protege.  I am training him in the ways of sarcasm and as my mother would say” bad life decisions.
  3. I can:
  • DRIVE:  The wheel of Sarcasm and Bad decisions
  • SWIM: across the sea of despair
  • DRINK: Coke, water, yogurt and my PRIDE

4. I cannot:

  •  Dance : to save my life
  • DRAW: Anything.  I can’t even draw a cup to look like a cup.

5. I love music. But I have a preference to foreign musicians because I can relate to                their songs

6. I kid you not, I am very awkward in social situations. I am the girl that suffers from            bouts of hyperventilation when i walk into a room full of people. I’m the girl that sit         at the far end of the hall nursing her bottle of cook and laughing at comedy skits.               The one that say”Fine , Thank you” to your “Whats the time?” when caught off guard.

7. I read anything, from school books to novels of any genre. I read books before they           become movies. The Faults in our Stars, Me before you, Paper Towns, Percy Jackson           and the Olympians, A Monster Calls, Everything ,Everything ? Yes, I’ve read them all.         So, you can trust I’m the one with the spoilers when I finally get dragged to the                   cinema.

8. Food is my favorite F word. The next being Friday (Of course)

9. I have the best conversations with myself in my head. I am my own psychologist, my        own critic , my own pep talk giver. You got this girl .Please don’t mess this up.

10. I’m a wallflower in transit. So, I intend to take you guys on my journey to less social          awkwardness via this blog. Receive recommendations on new things to try out and            blog about them as I do.

Like Stephen Chbosky wrote in The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Yes, I read that too):

“Enjoy it because it is happening”. “Standing on the fringes of life…offers a unique perspective. But there comes a time to see what it looks like from the dance floor”.

That’s entirely what I plan to do.

Until next time,

Stay Remarkable.

Love, Arleith.


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