Family Time 



This afternoon after lunch,  I was sorely bored. The internet held no appeal and I had no one to chat with on any messaging app. I had no place to go and I also didn’t want to go anywhere because let’s face it,  Sundays afternoons are for sleeping and it was too sunny to even step outside my front door.

Sleep eluded me and I didn’t want to read a book. So,  I cornered my family members into the living room and forced family time upon them.

I collected my brothers’ phones and forced them to pay attention to what I was going to say and do.

This went terribly for a number of reason I will list below:

1. Family time is quite novel in my household. This being the most consequential reason.

2. My brother, Nathan, kept interrupting my monologue to demand his phone.  He had to return a phone call,  he said. I wasn’t being serious right?,  He asked.

3. My youngest brother, David, decided that moment was the best time to work on developing his upper body.  He needed “spacks”  as my mother usually referred to “packs” as. He went further to engage in press ups being able to accomplish five press ups before giving up in a panting heap.

4. My mother, after making use of her car key a minute ago informed us that aforementioned key was no where to be found. This resulted into combined searching where she labeled the fact that her car key was missing after using it a minute ago as being “spiritual”.

The key was located at last on a window sill.  I had given up the search and was lounging on my bed when information reached my quarters. So much for being “spiritual”.

Hopefully, in the near or distant future, family time might actually become a thing.

Maybe very distant future.

How is your Sunday going?

Any fun moments?  Share in the comments section below.

Until next time,

Stay Remarkable

Love, Joe.


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